William H. Frey is a Ph.D. demographer and sociologist specializing in U.S. demographics.

This site provides links to publications, demographic issues, media stories, data tools and resources for teachers developed by projects with which Dr. Frey is associated.


Media Mentions


William H. Frey . Diversity Defines the Millennial Generation, Brookings Institution, June 28, 2016 .
William H. Frey. Women could make a big difference in a Clinton-Trump match-up, Brookings Institution, April 29, 2016 .
William H. Frey, David Greene and Cokie Roberts . Politics In The News: Female Voters And The 2016 Election, National Public Radio: Morning Edition, April 18, 2016 .
William H. Frey. Diversity is an opportunity, not a threat, for America, CNN, March 29, 2016 .
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William H. Frey. Mid-decade, big city growth continues, The Brookings Institution, May 23, 2016 .
William H. Frey. Migration to Sun Belt metro areas continues to surge, Brookings Institution, March 31, 2016 .
William H. Frey. Sun Belt Migration Reviving, New Census Data Show, Brookings Institution, January 4, 2016 .
William H. Frey. New Census data: Selective city slowdowns and the city-suburb growth gap, Brookings Institution, May 21, 2015 .
William H. Frey. Migration to the suburbs and Sun Belt picks up, Brookings Institution, April 8, 2015 .

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