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Diversity Explosion: How New Racial Demographics are Remaking America

The Brookings Institution Press
Available November 12, 2014
This book combines graphics, maps, and textual analyses in describing generational and geographic trends in America's racial demography and what these mean for the nation's future. Author William Frey looks shifts in the African American population (southward and suburban) and recent immigrant destinations beyond major urban areas near U.S. coasts/borders. He also examines how population dynamics impact other dimensions of life in America, including residential segregation, mixed race marriages, voting, and, more broadly, "cultural generation gaps." For more information.

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Segregation Measures for Largest Metro Areas (25 MAR 2011)
Segregation Measures for States and Metro Areas (14 DEC 2010)

William H. Frey is a Ph.D. demographer and sociologist specializing in U.S. demographics. This site provides links to publications, demographic issues, media stories, data tools and resources for teachers developed by projects with which Dr. Frey is associated.

Percentage of Infants under Age 1 Year Who Are Non-White, 2010


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